About Maine Island Elder Care

2015 confThis blog allows those involved with elder care on Maine’s islands and peninsulas to share ideas, questions and information. Blog posts can be found by clicking on the blog button above.

3 thoughts on “About Maine Island Elder Care

  1. Just wanted to update everyone on what is going on in Islesboro. We have registered as a Personal Care Agency with the state of Maine. In the process now of submitting additional documentation. We have decided to call ourselves Island Neighbor Home Care ( IN home care).
    After some work we have ironed out services and prices, how we are going to pay employees, insurances, etc… All very excited to start this new venture this summer. We have been doing home care for several years now, however, now we are an official extension of Boardman Cottage.
    More exciting news is that we are going to start construction on two additional rooms, making Boardman Cottage an 8 bed Adult Family Care Home. This will all start in June and hopefully be wrapped up by October.

    • Maura – that all sounds great about your home care plan. Would it be possible for you to email me your information – services, pricing, etc., We are working hard on Swan’s Island to get up and running with our eldercare outreach program. Just yesterday a pricing question came up for some home services and I did not have a good answer for the situation. Thanks for any help you can provide.
      ~ Donna

  2. Wow Maura, that is amazing. I love the name! I am going to pass along this info to my Board members as this seems to be the next direction they want to take. It makes sense here on Chebeague.

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